09 9月 New Entrepreneur Visa, extra points for STEM and ICT graduates will be introduced by the end of this year

The Entrepreneur Visa will be introduced in November 2016 and the enhanced permanent visa pathway for STEM postgraduate research graduates will be implemented in December 2016. Australian Government plans to enhance the current visa system through: A new Entrepreneur Visa for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas and financial...

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04 8月 Australia’s national Census compulsory for everyone

On Tuesday 9 August, all international students will need to participate in Australia’s national Census to help create a snapshot of the nation by counting every house and person in the country. The census is not exclusive to Australian citizens and includes every single person currently in the country as Annette...

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27 5月 The $75 on-the-spot fine to be scrapped

On-the-spot penalty fares for public transport users caught without a valid myki will be cancelled. Following a review of the system, the Andrews government will give ticket inspectors the power to issue warnings instead of automatically handing out fines. This new enforcement system will begin next year in...

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